Stage specifications

Stage specifications

The Hall hosts artistic events, such as concerts, shows and musicals, as well as business events, such as forums, training sessions, congresses and conferences.

The recently installed sound, lighting and film equipment allows you to conduct the state-of-the-art show programmes on the stage.

The action on the stage can be easily seen from any seat in the auditorium, there are no blind spots from any seat because the auditorium is shaped like an amphitheater with a natural increase in how high the seats are positioned.

The size of the stage

from wall to wall across the front of the stage: 27.5m
height of the stage: 1.0m
depth of the stage: 11.8m
the width across the front tier back stage access points: 15.5m - 17.5m
the width across the second tier backstage access points: 14.5m - 18.5m
the height at the front of the stage: 8.8m
the height to the suspension - 9.5m
the distance between the stage and the last row of seats: 22.5m


Mechanical stage equipment:

Lying bars with electrical hoisting and lowering systems – 10.
Lighting strand suspension system with hoisting and lowering equipment  – 1.
Turning tables 5.5 metres in diameter  – 2. The left and right sections of the stage.
Screen suspension system with hoisting and lowering equipment (9.5 x 4 metres) – 1. Two suspension Systems can be installed for customer banners with dimensions of no more than: 15.5x8 metres (WxH)A 380V Power supply system for the stage.  The left section: 2 32A three-phase power outlets. The right hand side section: 2 63A three-phase power outlets. The space above the ceiling: one 32A three phase power outlet at a distance of 5 metres

Stage decorations (light and dark colours):

The curtain
2 wings


23 kw sound systems.

The sound management system:

YAMAHA QL 5 (control panel) + Rio1608 (16 channels)

Sound systems:

Make Type Quantity
LYNX Pro Audio  LX-V8 linear array active element (2 х 6) 10
LYNX Pro Audio DR-N218 passive subwoofer with low frequencies of 2 x 18" (2 х 2) 4
HK AUDIO PR 115 X 15” 300 W RMS passive monitor 4
Electro -Voice SxA100+ 12” 175 W RM passive monitor 4
SHURE QLXD4 QLXD2 P51 Beta 58a radio system (microphone) 5
SHURE BLX88 BLX2 SM58 radio system (microphone) 3

Lighting equipment:

A light management system (a choice of):

Road Hog 3 light management console or LIGHTCONVERSE

Lighting equipment:

Make Type Quantity
Ypoc CMY 700 PRO spotlight unit 4
Mini Beam 230 PRO Si – 129  beam light unit 8
Mini Spot 150 Si – 109 spotlight unit 4
LED Zoom 360F Si – 061 wash 36x10 type unit 10
LED PAR 24 x18 par type unit 20
Fresenel 150 profile spotlight 6
FollowSpot 200 LED light cannon (an operator can be provided for an extra fee) 2
ImlightStrobo 1500 z 1500W stroboscope 4
Hazer Antari Hz 100 smoke generator (can be refilled for a fee) 2


Projection equipment: A 7x17m screen over the back of the stage, a 4x9.5m suspended screen (hung from the ceiling over the centre of the stage), a Panasonic EX 16K ХGA (1,024x768) projector with a 16000 ANCI (lumen) light beam, 2,500:1 contrast and an aspect ratio of 3:4. Playable video formats: MOV, DXV. Two 3x4 m suspended screens. A NEC NP502HG 5000 Lm projector with a focus distance of 9 metres to a 3x4 metre screen, a tripod and computer interface (1 set). Operators for an extra fee.

Additional equipment and capacity can be agreed at least five business day before the event (communication cables and connectors shall be provided by the owner of the additional equipment).