Rules for visitors

Dear visitors,

When attending performances, shows, concerts and other theatrical, entertainment, cultural and educational events (hereinafter referred to as "Events") held at the Izmailovo Concert Hall (hereinafter referred to as the "Concert Hall"), you consent to abide by the following rules:

1. Admission to the Concert Hall is granted to Visitors with valid tickets purchased through one of the available methods.
2. The ticket is an agreement for the provision of cultural services; by purchasing a ticket, the Visitor commits to observing the established rules for selling/purchasing tickets and the rules for attending the event specified in the ticket. The Concert Hall shall provide the service on the specified date, at the specified time and at an adequate technical and artistic level.
3. The ticket is valid for one person of any age, unless otherwise specified by the Concert Hall or the event organiser.
4. The ticket will not be duplicated or replaced if lost, whatever the reason.
5. The ticket is produced by an automated ticket purchase system in line with the requirements regarding ticket information set forth by Order No. 257 of the Ministry of Culture of Russia
dated 17 December 2008 and contains: the serial number of the ticket; name of the event; place, date and time of the event; row and seat in the hall; price of the ticket; other details specifying the provision of the service.
6. The visitor shall bear full responsibility for the authenticity of the ticket if it was purchased second-hand or via organisations without ticketing contracts with the Concert Hall.
7. According to Federal Law No. 436 of the Russian Federation "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" dated 29 January 2010, every event taking place at the Concert Hall is given an age rating. The Concert Hall recommends that you check the age ratings when attending Events (the information is provided on event posters and tickets). Parents or legal guardians shall be responsible for failure to observe this requirement.
8. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for any minor for whom the Visitor has purchased the ticket. The Visitor acknowledges and agrees that a given event may be considered to be an event for which some groups of people are not permitted to purchase tickets, enter, attend, listen to or watch.
9. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for the lack of information or wrong information about age ratings of Events in information materials and websites provided by ticket distributors and ticketing agencies.
10. Detailed information about the restrictions for a specific event is posted on the official website of the Concert Hall: 11. Admission to the Concert Hall is ticket-based. Tickets shall be checked by an automated access control system or manually.
12. When entering the Concert Hall, Visitors may be asked to show an ID to confirm their identity. This is done to check that they are entitled to tickets purchased using special (discount) programmes. If a Visitor is found to have violated the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Administration of the Concert Hall reserves the right to refuse the Visitor admission without refunding the ticket.
13. Any ticket containing corrections, stickers or other damage that makes it impossible to check at the entrance shall be deemed invalid and shall discharge the Concert Hall from any obligations under it.
14. Wheelchair users are granted special seats by prior request made no later than 3 days before the date of the event by calling + 7 (968) 363-40-57 or emailing Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
15. When visiting the Concert Hall, Visitors may not:
• bring in the following items: weapons (including blades and pepper sprays); flammable, explosive, toxic, odorous and radioactive substances; piercing and cutting items; pyrotechnic devices; drugs; alcoholic beverages; any liquids in glass containers; large items;
• enter the auditorium under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or toxic substances;
• enter the auditorium with food or beverages;
• enter the auditorium with pets;
• enter the auditorium in outer garments, sportswear, and beachwear (including shorts and flip flops) or wearing dirty clothing;
• make noise, speak in a loud voice (including on the phone), eat and drink, leave seats, walk around the auditorium, stand in passages and near doors during the event;
• take photographs of, record videos and audio of, film or record Events or their parts in order to protect the copyright and related rights of performers. If any kind of recording is discovered, the Concert Hall's employees may use laser pointers and demand that the recorded material be deleted;
• smoke on the premises of the Concert Hall (according to Federal Law No. 15-FZ "On protection of health of the public from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco use" dated 23 February 2013);
• enter restricted areas of the Concert Hall, including greenrooms and the stage without the authorisation of the Administration;
• pick up, open or move suspicious items. If such items are found, they must be immediately reported to an employee of the Concert Hall;
• occupy seats other than those specified in the tickets without approval from the Administration;
• go behind barriers; open windows; sit or stand in the aisles and on the stairs inside the auditorium; enter restricted areas; make inscriptions or put up adverts, posters, etc.; show symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, national or religious hatred.
16. Visitors are admitted to the Concert Hall and service employees start their work no earlier than 1 (one) hour before the event starts. Visitors are admitted to the audience hall after the first bell and refused entry after the third bell.
17. Visitors shall take seats in the auditorium as specified in their tickets. Visitors shall keep their tickets until the event is over and present them upon the first request from the Concert Hall's employees.
18. Visitors will not be seated after the event has begun. If a Visitor is late for the start of the event, they lose their right to the seats specified in their tickets. In this case, the ticket shall not be refunded or exchanged.
19. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for the loss of money or other currency valuables, security papers or any valuable items left unsupervised or checked into the cloakroom with outer garments.
20. For security reasons, Visitors entering the Concert Hall have to pass through metal detectors in the presence of employees of the Concert Hall's Security Service. Visitors with disabilities that affect mobility shall be checked with a hand held metal detector. Visitors fitted with pacemakers or other medical devices must notify Security Service employees.
21. If any Visitor is unwilling to pass the control, the Concert Hall's Administration reserves the right to refuse the Visitor entry. In this case, the ticket shall not be refunded.
22. During the event, all communication devices shall be turned off or switched to silent mode.
23. In case of loss of the cloakroom tag, the Visitor shall notify a cloakroom employee or the Concert Hall's administrator on duty and compensate for its cost. Visitors who have lost their cloakroom tags will be returned their belongings last.
24. When in the Concert Hall, Visitors shall observe public order, theatre etiquette and fire safety regulations.
25. Flowers intended to be presented to performers shall be handed over to the Concert Hall's employees to be presented to the specified performer, or shall be given in person from the auditorium without accessing the stage or backstage, unless this contradicts the rules set out by the event organiser.
26. After the event, Visitors shall leave the Hall before the cloakroom closes.
27. The Concert Hall's employees reserve the right to document any major violation of these Rules committed by Visitors. Any Visitors who do not observe these Rules, public order or fire safety regulations may be ejected and held administratively liable on the initiative of the Concert Hall.
28. Any material damage inflicted on the Concert Hall by the Visitor shall be paid for in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
29. The Hall shall bear no responsibility if the event fails to meet the Visitor's expectations and subjective judgement.
30. By purchasing a ticket to an event that is televised, or that is being photographed or of which a video recording is being made, the Visitor consents to the TV company, online media company or the Concert Hall freely using the Visitor's images (including for making audiovisual works) taken from the event itself or in any connection to it at any time and any place.

Purchasing tickets

Within this document, the following terms are used equally in singular and plural with the following meanings:
'Event' means a theatrical performance, concert, exhibition, screening, show or any other theatrical, entertainment, cultural or educational event.
'Ticket' means an accountable document sold to the Visitor via the automated ticket purchase system or authorised distributors. The ticket confirms that the Izmailovo Concert Hall (hereinafter referred to as the "Concert Hall") and the Visitor have entered into a service contract, which gives the Visitor the right to attend the Event specified in the ticket, provided there is a receipt for the ticket.
'eTicket' means a digital entrance document produced automatically through the online order section as a graphic image and, if scanned, confirming the Visitor's right to attend the Event and be provided with the Concert Hall's services as specified in the eTicket.
'Receipt' means a source accounting document produced digitally and/or printed out though cash register equipment at the moment of payment made by the Visitor to the Concert Hall. The receipt contains information about the payment and confirms it. The receipt shall also be complying with the legislation of Russia concerning the use of cash register equipment.
'Face value of the ticket' means the price for visiting an event set by its organiser.
'Concert Hall service' means events held by the Concert Hall that require tickets for admission.
'Order' means one or more tickets for events chosen by the Visitor for purchase via any of the available methods. The order can be paid for and/or collected by the Visitor at the Concert Hall's ticket office.
'Visitor' means any person who intends to purchase a ticket or who is purchasing a ticket for an event for personal, family or any other reasons not associated with any business activities.


2.1. These Rules were developed in line with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-1 "On the protection of consumer rights" dated 07 February 1992, Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ "On personal data" dated 27 July 2006, Federal Law No. 54-FZ "On the use of cash register equipment when making payments in the Russian Federation" dated 22 May 2003 and the Charter of the Izmailovo Concert Hall. The Rules govern procedures for selling, booking and returning tickets for events held by the Concert Hall as well as the rules for visiting the Concert Hall.
2.2. These Rules are communicated to Visitors through publication on the official website of the Concert Hall:
 In addition, any Visitor to the Concert Hall can ask the administrator to find out more about the Rules.
2.3. These Rules are a public offer agreement; by purchasing a ticket, the Visitor grants their unconditional acceptance to the Offer without any exceptions and/or limitations, which is equal to entering into a written contract (Item 3, Article 434 of the Civil Code of Russia.) This Offer shall be deemed the underlying document in the official relations between the Concert Hall and the Visitor when purchasing and selling tickets.
2.4. This Offer shall also be deemed accepted by the Visitor if they purchase tickets (eTickets) online or at the ticket office of the Concert Hall through: choosing the event and seat category, ordering, paying for the Order in full.
2.5. The Visitor accepts the provisions of this Offer by performing the actions described in paragraph 2.4 of this Offer (Offer acceptance). The Visitor accepts the Offer voluntarily and in full.


3.1. eTickets are sold on the official website of the Concert Hall, as well as on the websites of ticket agencies authorised by the Concert Hall to distribute tickets.
3.2. The eTicket is a digital record in the Concert Hall's database and confirms the order and payment for the ticket for a specific event. The physical medium of the eTicket is an eTicket file sent to the email address provided by the Visitor when ordering. The eTicket is not a numbered form.
3.3. When ordering, the Visitor consents to these Rules and to the processing of personal data needed to fulfill the order by clicking the corresponding buttons.
3.4. To place an order, the Visitor must provide a valid phone number, email address and name.
3.5. The Visitor is responsible for the authenticity of the data provided. If provided information contains an error, the Concert Hall shall not be responsible for the Visitor receiving their eTickets.
3.6. To pay for an eTicket, valid bank cards from the following payment systems may be used: VISA, MASTERCARD, MIR.
3.7. Procedure for purchasing tickets on the website:
3.7.1. Visitors can buy tickets online in the Events Guide section of the website ( by clicking the "Buy a ticket" button next to the appropriate event. After that, Visitors can purchase an eTicket for the event.
3.7.2. Tickets for seats chosen by Visitors on the hall layout are placed in the basket, then contact information should be provided and the tickets are sold via the Payment System.
3.7.3. If a seat is chosen by two or more users at the same time, the order goes to the user who paid first and the second order will be automatically cancelled.
3.7.4. The payment must be made within 20 (twenty) minutes after placing the order on the website; after this period, the order is cancelled.
3.7.5. After payment is confirmed, the eTicket and payment slip are sent to the email address provided by the Visitor.
3.7.6. If any problems arise when buying tickets on the official website of the Concert Hall, the Visitor can call the Help Service of the ticketing system operator on the following number: 8-800-777-20-31.
3.8. eTicket use policy:
3.8.1. The eTicket shall be presented either printed out or digitally.
3.8.2. The eTicket entitles the Visitor to one entry through the automated access control system to the specified event on the specified date and time.
3.8.3. The Visitor alone shall bear responsibility for the undamaged condition of the eTicket and for ensuring that it is not copied. If the eTicket has been copied, admission to the event shall be granted to the first eTicket presented.
3.9. In accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On personal data" dated 27 July 2006, the Visitor acknowledges and consents to provide their personal data to the Concert Hall as well as to provide personal data of the third parties indicated by the Visitor and received by the Concert Hall when ordering eTickets. Personal data includes the following: surname, first name, contact number, and email address. The personal data of Visitors is processed in accordance with Russian legislation. The Visitor gives consent to the Concert Hall to process their personal data as the Concert Hall provides them services under this Offer, as well as to use the data to send out newsletters about events, tickets for which are sold by the Concert Hall, via email to the Visitor. The Visitor reserves the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending a corresponding notice to the Concert Hall.
In order for the actions described herein to be performed, the Visitor also consents to the Concert Hall passing on their contact details to third parties, provided that there is a contract duly concluded between the Concert Hall and such third parties.
Since the Visitor's personal data is processed based on an agreement concluded under the terms and conditions set forth by this Offer, the Visitor's consent to the processing of personal data is not necessary. The period for using the personal data is 3 (three) years.


4.1. To organise group visits, legal entities (companies) should contact the Ticket Sales Department of the Concert Hall and submit a request letter on the company's headed form. The request should contain the full name of the company, its banking details, the name and date of the event, and the numbers of tickets so that a contract can be concluded and an invoice can be issued. The request letter shall be sent to the following email address:
4.2. The company shall pay the invoice within the term specified in the contract. After the funds arrive in the Concert Hall's bank account, the tickets will be printed out and handed to the company's representatives against a delivery note, provided that they present the necessary documentation.
4.3. The booking term is discussed individually.
4.4. The company must name a contact person responsible for paying for and/or receiving the tickets when booking, so that the recipient can be identified at the ticket office of the Concert Hall.


5.1. The Concert Hall shall use the information received from the Visitor to maintain the operation of the website and fulfill its obligations to the Visitor.
5.2. In the event of any violation of the established rules, the Concert Hall reserves the right to restrict the Visitor's use of the website.
5.3. The Concert Hall reserves the right to remove the website from operation at any time without giving any prior notice to the Visitor. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for the website's being temporarily or permanently out of operation for reasons beyond the Concert Hall's control.
5.4. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for any direct and indirect damages that result from the use or the inability to use the website or unauthorised access to it.
5.5. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for the time taken by the Payment System, banks or other organisations to make payments.
5.6. The Concert Hall shall bear no responsibility for the authenticity of tickets purchased from individuals or at unknown places.
5.7. The responsibility of the Concert Hall towards the Visitors is limited to the price of tickets; disputes between the Hall and Visitors shall be settled by negotiation. If this is not possible, they shall be settled in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.1. The Concert Hall concludes contracts for the sale of tickets with legal entities, a list of which is published on the Concert Hall's website in the Partners section.
6.2. Based on the concluded contracts, distributors sell tickets for the Concert Hall's events using their own means (software, ticket offices, websites and other resources) and are entitled to print out tickets on their own forms if allowed by the contract.
6.3. Authorised distributors gain access to information about tickets on the first day of sale.
6.4. The Concert Hall reserves the right to limit authorised distributors' rights to sell tickets for certain events.
6.5. Authorised distributors shall sell tickets for the price specified in the tickets. Distributors are entitled to set fees for their services that are not covered by the ticket's price in line with their selling policies, which is not regulated by the Concert Hall.


7.1. If the Concert Hall is notified by the organiser that an event is cancelled, changed or postponed and provided information about where and when the tickets can be refunded, the Concert Hall will publish this information on its website Moreover, the Concert Hall will inform Visitors of the cancellation, change or postponement of an event by sending them a text message or email in accordance with the details provided. Information about the cancellation, change or postponement of an event may also be communicated to Visitors by phone.
7.2. The relevant organiser shall bear responsibility for the non-performance or improper performance of the obligations to provide a service for showing a performance, a programme, a sporting or any other event in full (in accordance with Russian Federation Law No. 2300-1 "On the protection of consumer rights" dated 07 February 1992.)
7.3. Tickets purchased for a postponed or changed event are valid for the newly announced event. However, the Visitor reserves the right to return the tickets to the Concert Hall and demand a refund.
7.4. If an event is changed of postponed, the tickets shall be returned before the original date of the event.
7.5. If an event is cancelled, returns can be made from the day of cancellation and within 10 (ten) days after the original date of the event.
7.6. Tickets for cancelled, postponed or changed events purchased at reduced prices shall be refunded at the same reduced prices.
7.7. Refunds for tickets paid for by bank cards shall be made to the same card in the time and manner set by the issuing bank.
7.8. Tickets for cancelled, postponed or changed events purchased on the website shall be refunded at the Concert Hall's ticket office.  Tickets purchased from other ticket distributors shall be refunded at the place of sale.
7.9. The Concert Hall will accept refund requests for tickets for events organised by the Concert Hall no later than 3 (three) days before the event.
7.10. The term for processing requests is 10 (ten) working days from the date of the request.
7.11. Refunds for tickets printed on numbered forms are made with the request and ID presented.

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